About Us

“One Call, One Relationship, One Company”

This is the motto we live by.  We want to develop a relationship with each and every client and be the one company they can rely on for everything.

Lawnsense Lawn & Landscape started out as a lawn maintenance business in 1997.  Over the years we have grown into a full scale landscaping / hardscaping business.  We now offer numerous services to accommodate all of our clients outdoor needs.  From fertilization / weed control services to design / building of hardscaping projects, we can handle it all.  In the winter months our snow removal business handles all sizes and types of commercial and residential clients.

We have grown the right way, slow and steady, adding key personnel along the way.  Our dedicated staff grows with us year after year becoming more experienced to better serve our clients. Our employees are the backbone of our company.  Many of our competitiors complain about finding reliable help.  We’ve been fortunate to never experience this.  We value all of our employees and treat them accordingly, allowing them to grow within our organization.  Our division managers are the best in their perspective fields, hands down, each with over 25 years of experience.  We continually educate our employees by attending seminars and trade shows to keep them up to date on the newest products and techniques.

Our clients stay loyal to us and we experience very low turnover once we begin a relationship with them.   Our success is due to hard work and our commitment to quality.  Each customer is treated like they are the only one we have and we give them the service they expect and deserve.  By taking pride in everything we do and paying attention to detail we are able to accomplish this.


Our Key Personnel :

Lawn and Landscaping