Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Business

Q. Who will work on my property?
A. Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform.

Q. Your advertising says “One Call, One Relationship, One Company” What does that mean?
A. We strive to be the one company that handles all of our clients needs.  This allows us to develop a relationship with them and helps simplify things on our clients end.

Q. Are you a licensed Landscaper?
A. Yes, we hold all the necessary State Licenses for New York.

Q. Are your workers Certified?
A. Yes.  We have all of the required certifications / licenses required in New York State. We also have certified pesticide applicators working within our company.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes. We are covered for workers compensation, liability and auto insurance.

Q. What type of residential clients do you work for?
A. Anyone who truly wants a nice landscape and knows the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property.

Q. What type of return can I expect on my investment?
A. We estimate a well landscaped home increases in value by 15%. Money magazine estimates that you can expect to recover 100%-200% of your landscaping cost when you sell.


Q. Do you catch or recycle the clippings?
A. Wherever and whenever we can we recycle the clippings back to the turf as grass blades, and leaves being 80% water and nutrients, are the very best compost for building long-term highly organic soil. We only catch when an area is too small or we may get too many clippings in gardens. If we choose not to catch your grass clippings, be assured even if we have to do a double cut based on a 7-day mowing cycle, there will be no extra charge to you, and you will always have a high quality appearance.

Q. I’m having an event or party, can you pay special attention at my property?
A. Please let us know 7-10 days ahead and we will provide weekly service the day before your party. With 14 days notification we can also provide a detail crew service, mulch, pruning and seasonal color so that your property will look its best before your big day!

Q. How much water does my lawn need in the summer?
A. Cool season turf, which is the dominant turf grass in Northern New York, requires approximately 1″ of water from your sprinkler, irrigation system or Mother Nature or a combination per week.

Q. What size mowers do you use?
A. The size of the mower used is based on the size of each given area of lawn. A good landscape company will have many different size mowers with deck sizes from 21″ to 60″ or larger. The right machine is as important as the qualifications of its operators.

Q. At what height do you cut the lawn?
A. From late April to late November we use a 3″ mowing height. This is when your lawn is most actively growing.  During early Spring and late Fall we will lower the height of cut to 2.5 to 2.75.

Q. Why is mowing at the right height and alternating patterns of cut so important?
A. The right height will cause less damage to the blade of grass so the plant is under less stress. This in turn will allow for better vigor which in itself will help shade, fend off weeds and protect against insect damage.

Q. How often do you sharpen your mower blades?
A. We sharpen our blades on average about every 12 to 15 working hours, so about ever 8-10 mowing hours 3 to 4 times per week.

Q. Do you provide shrub pruning?
A. Yes, we do. It is one of the most sought after services that we offer at Lawnsense as we hand prune. Full time clients can sign up with their yearly agreement or by mail. Single-service clients can download a form from our website. Full-service clients get first availability.

Q. Do you provide commercial grounds maintenance service?
A. Yes, we do and we have done so for over 20 years.  We care for all sizes and types of businesses. When curb appeal and image really matter, Lawnsense is your best choice.

Q. What types of maintenance plans do you offer?
A. We provide several yearly maintenance plans from basic lawn mowing to fertilization/weed control, as well as snow & ice management.   Most of our customers use us as their only provider for all of their outdoor maintenance needs.

Q. Do you provide seasonal color?
A. Yes. We provide spring bulbs, summer annuals, fall mums and more.

Q. How can a well-landscaped home help to sell my home?
A. According to appraisers and realtors, a beautifully landscaped home will sell fast and for more money.

Q. How do plants and trees help?
A. Plants and trees absorb ozone-damaging pollutants, produce oxygen and help keep temperatures down and according to the Plants for Clean Air Council, efficient landscaping can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

Q. How is a lawn helpful to the environment?
A. A turf area 50′ x 50′ can absorb enough carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride and convert it into enough oxygen to suport a family of four

Q. How much will it cost me to hire your company?
A. This all depends on the services you desire. We are a legitimate year round company with well trained,  fully insured employees. We use a multiple, overhead, recovery system to disperse and recover our overhead, labor and equipment costs, plus add fair professional profit. To find out more, give us a call.

Q. What type of training do your employees receive?
A. All employees go through an orientation at least once yearly. We also perform training and have safety talks throughout the year. Most of our employees have been with us year after year,

Q. When and how should my shrubs be pruned?
A. The following is a basic guideline for pruning. When present, damaged or diseased shrub-limbs and branches should be removed. Most flowering shrubs and ornamental trees, should be pruned after blooming and before the next year’s buds set. Prune whenever possible for plant health and to keep the natural shape of the plant. Some ornamentals and vines require dormant pruning in late winter. We highly recommend hand pruning over shearing.

Q. Why should I have mulch on my property?
A. Mulch provides the following benefits for planting when done correctly: For shrubs and ornamental trees, a mulch base of 3″-4″ is recommended. It helps to keep weeds in check, retains moisture in the soil and adds organic matter to the soil as it decays. Woody, ornamental and evergreen trees do not need or want their soil cultivated around their roots.

Q. How about mulching annuals or perennials?
A. Mulch should be limited to 1″-2″. Ideally a mulch compost mix would be a better choice. Unlike ornamentals, annuals and perennials like loose, tillable soil, so too much is not good.

Q. What are some of the most import things a lawn in New York needs?
A. Proper mowing height should be kept at 3″ with a sharp blade, adequate deep infrequent watering, core aeration once per year and 3-4 lbs. of nitrogen per year.

Q. How often should I water?
A. Turf grass should be watered 3/4″ – 1″ per week. Shrubs and trees should receive deep watering 1-2 times per week. Annual and perennials should be watered 2-3 times per week. This answer is for established landscapes.

Q. What type of program do you offer for fertilization and control of weeds?
A. As different people have different expectations of how they want their lawn to look and also what they want to spend, we tailor our programs to your needs.   At Lawnsense we spend the time to come to your lawn and recommend a program that will benefit it the most. Every lawn is different and therefore  requires an analysis and carefully thought out plan to achieve the thick, green, weed free lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Snow & Ice

Q. I’m from a commercial property management company. Do you provide Snow & Ice Services?
A. Absolutely! We have done so for over 20 years with NO slip and fall liability. We provide service for all types and sizes of clients.  We have all of the equipment and knowledge required to keep your pavement safe for clients, customers, and employees.  We have a dedicated staff that knows what it takes to provide you with safety, accessibility and a productive environment. We can combine landscaping services with snow & ice services.

Q. Do you provide residential snow services?
A. Yes, we do. Service is based upon availability. We offer this only to existing landscape clients. Please call for more information on this highly sought after service.


Q. If you design my landscape, how will I maintain and care for it?
A. Any designed or installed work Lawnsense provides can be maintained or serviced by us.  This includes full landscape planting care, sod or seed, sealing of pavers, etc…


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