Fertilization-Weed Control

Fertilization / Weed Control Programs

At Lawnsense Lawn & Landscape we strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers.  We want to provide you with the highest level of service by using the finest products in the industry that are applied by highly skilled, trained technicians.  We want to work along side you to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.  This can be achieved by performing an initial site evaluation of your lawn.  We will determine the best plan for your current situation and then monitor conditions throughout the year.

We know that you want a weed free lawn but we also understand that you may have a budget for this type of service.  We can tailor our standard package to accommodate your needs. The following package is what you can expect to receive but we can tweak it depending on your lawns condition, weather, or desire for more or less applications.

Our Standard 5 treatment Program

  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control & fertilizer
  • Broadlead weed control & fertilizer
  • Fertilizer & spot treat weed control
  • Fertilizer & spot treat weed control
  • Fall application – heavy rate of fertilizer

Note – We use both liquid and granular products to achieve optimal results.  All of our Lawn Technicians are fully licensed and certified.


Other services we offer that are beneficial to your lawn can be included into your program.  These include:

  • Grub Control – This is always recommended as a preventative measure against grubs destroying the roots of your lawn.
  • Lime Application – Lime can correct soil acidity in addition to adding calcium and and magnesium to your lawn.  These help to preserve a lawns color and vigor as well as protect it from heat, drought, or traffic stress.
  • Surface Insect Control– Beneficial in controlling chinch bugs,  ants, fleas, and ticks which may carry Lyme Disease.
  • Aeration / OverseedingA very beneficial service to break up soil compaction and rejuvenate your lawn.  New seed will help to thicken up your existing old turf when coupled with our fertilization programs.

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