Retaining Walls

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Retaining walls are built by a lot of contractors but they are seldom done right.  We repair countless walls every year and its a tough pill for the client to swallow when they hear the cost of doing so. Educating the client is paramount to us when we do an estimate. The lowest estimate will usually get you in trouble.  If the client compares apples to apples they will see that we are going above and beyond to assure their project will never fail.  After all it’s our name on the line.

The Northeast presents many challenges with the freeze-thaw cycles we experience every winter.  If the proper measures are not taken, the wall will fail.  We see it every day with a simple drive around every neighborhood.  Our walls will not fail because they are built to last.  Call Lawnsense Lawn & Landscape today at 607-343-8171 to learn why we are highly regarded as being the best in the business.

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