Creating Curb Appeal…..

A walkway designed by Lawnsense Lawn & Landscape will add the ever sought after “curb appeal”  to your landscape while providing functionality as well.  Using pavers allows you to customize your walkway by adding sweeping curves along with your choice of width and patterns.  When complimented with landscaping it can be the focal point of your entrance.  Paver walkways fit beautifully into many different homes landscapes and can portray the appearance of natural stone or brick.  

When installed properly they will stand the test of time.  Some unskilled installers skip many of the important steps in preparing the base on these projects and they ultimately fail.  We find ourselves repairing other contractors work quite often.  A simple drive around your neighborhood will reveal falling walls and heaving walkways. This is why hiring the right company the first time will save you headaches in the future.  

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